Industry Challenges…

The high cost of harvesting algae biomass is one of the primary deterrents in the full scale commercialization of algae biomass as a next generation energy source. Traditional technologies that have been adapted to algae biomass harvesting are not designed to accommodate the challenging requirements of this emerging technology. Energy Derived provides solutions to these issues with the development of their new Reverse Algae Diffusion harvesting process. With the end goal in mind, Energy Derived has set out to deliver an energy efficient and highly productive process that delivers solutions to both R&D processing and full-scale commercialization.


Energy Derived solutions…

Reverse Algae Diffusion

The Reverse Algae Diffusion (RAD) process is a unique patent pending technology from Energy Derived that provides a monumental breakthrough in the processing of algae biomass. ED’s unique RAD technology uses the inherent properties of algae cells to accelerate the harvesting process. The process separates the algae out of the growth medium into concentrated algae biomass slurry, and outputs clean chemical free water that can be recycled back into the biomass growth process. This technology offers a commercially scalable product solution which significantly improves economics-of-scale for large scale algae-based biomass and biofuel production.


Key RAD Features

·   100% clean harvesting process using no harmful chemicals or additives during processing

·   Capable of processing any density of growth medium

·   Optional recycling of clean separated water back to the biomass growth process

·   Capable of processing 250 gallons of growth medium/hour*

·   Potential throughput of 18 tons of biomass/year*

·   Low operating cost of approximately $10/ton*

·   Scalable modular units to meet large-scale commercial applications**


Commercial Algae Harvesting systems

The Energy Derived Series 1 Algae Harvesting System is the first commercial product based on RAD algae harvesting technology. The compact and portable design of the Series 1 system is intended to support the early stages algae biomass pilot projects and is the perfect tool to support research and development. The Series 1 harvesting system provides the capability to process approximately 250 gallons (950 liters) of algae growth medium per hour and can achieves a daily growth medium turnover rate of approximately 6000 gallons (22,500 liters) a day.  At sufficient biomass concentration the Series 1 system can produce approximately 18 tons of biomass per year. The Series 1 Algae Harvesting System from Energy Derived is the perfect starter system for research institutions, small-scale R&D operations, and backyard algae farmers who want to achieve market entry at a reasonable cost. The Series 2 algae harvesting system is scheduled for deployment in 2011 and is primarily intended for commercial-scale algae farming and biomass production. The Series 2 has an intended capacity of 2500 gallons (9460 liters) per hour and a turnover rate of 60,000 gallons (227,100 liters) per day.


Energy Derived Products

The Energy Derived processing technologies provide a flexible solution for the commercialization of algae biomass and can be scaled to accommodate nearly any quantity of algae biomass production. All of the RAD algae harvesting systems have the flexibility to be designed and configured according to the customer’s needs and specifications. With the ability to be adapted to many configurations, the RAD product family offers the ability to provide production capabilities for algae production operations of any size. The ED team will provide startup assistance, training, maintenance and support services for all systems. ED can also provide system design and consulting for commercial application and installation assistance at customer request.


* Based on Energy Derived Series 1 RAD harvesting system.
** Allow interlocking multiple RAD systems based on production needs.  

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