ALGAE: The Future of Energy

Algae are one of the most amazing organisms on the planet. For millions of years, algae have been responsible for a high percentage of the CO2/Oxygen exchange that occurs in our atmosphere as they work continuously to keep our oceans, lakes and rivers clean of waste and other pollutants. But the truly exciting thing about algae is in its potential as a future energy source of the world. (Learn More)


Energy Efficient Algae Production Systems

Energy Derived is dedicated to the development of energy efficient algae production systems for the creation of algae biomass-based products. The Energy Derived team is focused on developing technologies that will help to revolutionize the production of algae biomass and promote algae as one of the premier alternatives to fossil-based petroleum products. (Learn More)


HARVESTING - Harvesting involves the separation of algae biomass from the water or growth medium prior to processing. This is the primary challenge for most algae based technologies.

DEWATERING - Dewatering is the removal of water from the biomass to reduce the total volume of water contained within the biomass.

DRYING - Drying is a process for removing a high percentage of water from the biomass to produce a dry and stable biomass product for storage, transport or processing.

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